Hello!  I’m a 40 something year old school administrator who has loved all things fashion/beauty for as long as I can remember.  I also have been plus sized, (minus an unhealthy, way too skinny blip in high school) my whole life.  I have grown in my confidence of accepting and dare I say loving my curves over the years.  Of course, I still have my days when I don’t  feel good about my size—who doesn’t?  After joining Twitter and stumbling upon the world of fatshion blogs, I have truly enjoyed reading so many wonderful stories from others who love fashion regardless of their size.  As I continued to read the many blogs, I did notice that there were not many bloggers, hardly any actually, that fell into my age group.  I  believe that everyone should have access to great clothing regardless of their size, I also feel that age should not be a deterrent to looking and feeling great.  So, as a true fatshionista at heart, I decided to venture into the fatshion blogging world a little late in the age game to show that 40 something and plus sized does not mean FRUMPY!!!

I’d love to have lots of input, comments. suggestions along the way, so please follow me!    Thanks, Inez

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