Living up to my blog’s name, I am being Fatshionably Late with my New Year’s Resolutions post!

“Don’t let fear stop new adventures.”

Can you believe that this saying was in a fortune cookie that I opened at lunch on New Years Eve day?  I NEVER get fortune cookies that make any sense to me!  So, I decided to let this be a sign for me to finally step out of my comfort zone, take a risk and start this blog that I have been thinking about and planning in my mind and dreams for quite some time.  This saying on a little scrap of paper somehow stirred a feeling of excitement deep inside me that I haven’t felt in a long time. It somehow reinforced the feelings that had led me to start dreaming of this blog but that I had not been able to act upon until that scrap of paper appeared. 

My career that had once been the source of that feeling of excitement and passion had somehow without me really noticing turned ever so slowly into a job, a paycheck, a source of ongoing stress, data, deadlines…… a grind.  Few and far between am I able to recapture the moments of passion for what I do, for what I can do , usually and unfortunately quickly tamped down by limitations in time, budget and resources in my department. 

The source of passion each day that has never left me is my love of fashion.  Even facing a potential long, stressful, meeting filled day, I always start the morning loving to dress in the outfit that I planned out the night before complete with accessories of course:)  I’m sure that I am not the only person who has reached a point in their career where the excitement that you felt when first starting out has dwindled.  And trust me, in this economy, I am extremely grateful each day that I still have a job to complain about!

So, that brings me back to my one and only New Year’s Resolution: 

Don’t let fear stop new adventures.”

This blog will be my new source of excitement, inspiration and fun!  I resolve to spend some time each day reconnecting with my creative side through my love of all things fatshion and beauty.  I hope along the way that maybe some of my posts/musings/fashion finds/choices/reviews /OOTD postings may  provide some enjoyment for others the way that all the wonderful fatshion blogs that I have been reading over the past few months as I started to dream this new adventure have inspired me.