Hello!  My name is Inez and I am a fatshionista in my 40′s living in Pennsylvania.  I have been plus sized the majority of my life and a lover of all things fashion and beauty since I can remember!  Even though I have grown comfortable in my skin as I’ve gotten older, I have become even more confident in my style choices since I stumbled upon the wonderful world of fatshion blogs since I started on Twitter.  I have enjoyed reading so many inspiring stories on the blogs over the past months, that I finally decided to venture into the pond, or maybe ocean would be more appropriate, based on the number of wonderful blogs I’ve discovered! 

Why would I start a blog when there are so many great ones already out there???  Well, I would love to become a part of such an inspiring and accepting group of women and I feel that I can add my perspective of living as a plus sized fatshionista in my 40′s since it seems the majority of this incredible group is a tad younger than me!!:)  Hence the name of my blog, Fatshionably Late! 

If you are reading this and have a blog, please let me know in your comments.  I am looking to add another inspiring blog to my list to follow! 

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